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Damian Frod is a well known expert on the most exclusive gay hardcore parties. He has a lot of initiations from all over the world an he is never forgets to bring a camera with him. That is his private collection of the most exciting gay parties in his life. All people participating in the action are 100% amateurs who just have fun. All sorts of kinky people from different countries will bring the atmosphere of sexual freedom in your life. You will see the craziest gay orgies. You would feel like you were invited on the most kinky gay parties in the world. Enjoy Penis Palooza.

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Penis Palooza

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I loved the concept of this paysite. Reality all guy orgies! With some hardcore fucking and plenty of cock sucking, all the material is 100% exclusive. You have live cams, Video on Demand and DVD Toy Store. Underneath the main header are four plugin feeds - Twinks for Cash, First Gay Experience, Hot Blinds Dates and These Guys Like it Big! These plugins are completely free. The video action gets up close and personal! You get to see every detail of these guys cutting loose, and fucking and sucking! If you are looking for hardcore guy-guy action, you will find it here. The quality of the videos is above average. For a hot chat with a gorgeous guy, why not check out the Live Video section of the site. It transfers you to a cam site called ManSexxxy. Believe me if you like your men buff and tattooed with a great cock then check out sexy cam guy Brayen! Your bonus sites are the four plugin feeds located at the top of the main page. For tons more pictures and videos then look no further than these plugins.

Full Review:

Penis Palooza makes a heavy claim right from the get go, claiming that they are the biggest and only completely gay parlaying site. I am definitely not an expert, although I am close to one when it comes to anything that has to do with porn, but after seeing this site, neither one of them seem to have any truth to them. I have seen much bigger gay party sites and this site does not even update very often. They update every month or so. You definitely cannot count on getting a regular update, so they blew that one right out the window! Content: The sad thing about Penis Palooza is that there are no images just screen captures from the movies, but there is only a single set of high rez images. The captures of the videos are almost all very bad quality. Now, there are medium quality and there is just terrible quality, and I am afraid to say that the blurry screen caps on this gay so called partying site are very poor. They aim at voyeurism at gay parties, reality type site, but the frames are tiny and the quality was like I was looking at some gay guy's web camera. I could find better quality for much cheaper at some steam room at my local gym. If I have to pay a standard monthly payment every month just to be a peeping tom on some gay guys, I expect that I can actually see what is going on! I saw thirty movies that had a little better quality, however, I could only see them in 5 minute long sections and there is no full length video to see. If you have the patience to download the movies, you can do that and view them in Windows Media player, and the quality with that is much better, but they are still just average quality. The stuff that I could make out in the movies was most definitely nasty, and you could make out all of the different queers sucking each other off, butt fucking and playing with dildos. Not all the movies have that party theme they promised, but there is a lot of guy on guy fuckin' and suckin'.

Bottom Line:

All in all, this site is alright if you are ok with someone just meeting the bare minimum. If you don’t mind poor quality screen caps, and medium quality videos with some being better quality than most, then you will enjoy the raunchiness factor of this gay party site. As for the partying, there is not much of it, but you gain access to only one other full access gay site. The rest of the sites are straight adult sites. This site needs to pick up on the content to make it worth a member’s time to join.

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