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When I first saw this blonde's face, I thought that Nina TV was just another solo girl site. But when I looked a little further south, I saw that this blonde was actually a tranny with a pretty large, thick cock. She even has tits that look pretty real. They are a little far apart, but they still look pretty good. They tricked me for a minute! Well, her site offers daily updated of pics and vids. She also boasts that she is the most downloaded tranny on the internet.

  • Content Quality:81/100
  • Content Ammount:85/100
  • Updates:83/100
  • Navigation:86/100
  • User Rating:2.50/10
Nina TV

81 out of 100

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With your membership to Nina TV, you get access to all of her movies and photos, over 50 tranny friends of hers, over 10GB of hardcore movies, and tons of other sites with live chat. Nina is 24 with blonde hair and an 8.5 inch cock with a wide girth. Her tranny tits are 34C. The sexy slut loves diamonds, fashion, music, divas, and hot sex. She especially loves a good cock to fuck. This horny slut will do anything to get her lips around a nice fat cock. She seems like a gold digger, too. In her Q and A section, she says that she is turned on by guys who wear nice clothes, have class, and drive expensive cars. She believes that a good relationship is built from a foundation of excellent sex and a nice dick, and that bad sex spoils a good relationship. This tranny is all about sex!

Full Review:

I checked out some of Nina's friends. There is a threesome called Rafaela, Solange and Ricardo. The quality isn't that great, but you will see this hot chick with a nice shaved pussy getting fucked by a guy wearing a condom. He fucks her and then he fucks the other chick who is actually a tranny slut with a big cock. He fucks the tranny doggy style and fucks her asshole with his hard cock. She even licks his finger. The chick watches the two have sex and decide to have some fun of their own. They suck his cock and get their pussies nice and wet, and then you see the chick and the tranny getting it on. The tranny fucks the chick in her tight asshole and you can also check out some hot pics of the tranny in some sexy panties.

In Sabrina and Friends, this chick brings all of her hottest tranny friends over, but her man had no idea they were chicks with dicks. The blonde slut gets her pussy licked by her man and he plays with her tits. Then he slides his dick into her pussy and fucks the shit out of the busty blonde. Her friends show up and they end up having a threesome, but he is surprised when he sees that they have cocks and tits! He plays along and they all share the sexual fun, playing with their tits and fucking each other in the ass. They even stop by a local swingers club and swap partners and do all kinds of naughty things.

Another hot t-girl with dark hair is in this movie just chilling in the pool. She makes out with this guy and he jerks himself while he kisses her. He ends up playing with her tranny cock and then decides to bang her in bed from behind in doggy style. He then lies her on her back and fucks her in the ass while playing with her tranny tits. He then pulls out and cums on her nice little t-babe tits.

Navigation/Layout/Design: The design of the site is really nice, but I found it difficult to find any content of the tranny babe Nina! I found all of her friends, but even selecting her site only showed me her t-girl friends. I did not see one set of Nina, actually.

Pictures: The pictures vary in quality. Some of them are blurry and some are pretty decent. I really wasn't too impressed with the quality. You do get a lot of pictures, but with low quality, it doesn't do much for me.

Movies: The quality of the movies is also so-so. Some of them are choppy looking. I did like the fact that they have a version for my iPod, and you can stream or download the movies.

Bottom Line:

I give this site one thumbs up because it was hard to find any content of that Nina, which the site is supposedly about. I could only find content of her friends. I thought that the videos were sexy, but the quality wasn't all there. The bonus sites are pretty hot though. There are over 100 of them, and the quality is pretty good across most of them.

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