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My Wife's Mom is all filmed in high quality high def, and is 100% exclusive. You will see the horny mom's in law so horny and craving young cock that they fuck their son in law. In many cases, the wife is out of town, and what happens is the mom in law gets to contend with the young husband of her daughter. Well, in other cases, the daughter actually watches along side them! You can download the movie and even gets thousands of high res movies and even portable movies! There are all kinds of fat ugly mom in laws getting poked by the cocks of their horny sons in law!

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Pictures: To view the pics for each scene, you click on the one you want to check out and you will have a link for high resolution photos. When you click the link, you are shown a page of all of the high res photos. Then, you can click each one and the larger image shows in a separate window. You can easily download the pics in the set in a zip file. A huge plus! Movies: After you choose a scene you want to view, you can read a short description of the scene and choose to download the movie in several formats. You can also stream it. To download, you get HD wmv, mpeg, wmv big, or mp4 mobile for your iPod or other mobile device. The movies are high quality. I was very impressed with them. it took a while for the streaming ones to load...A little under a minute. And the movies continued to pause and load throughout the movie, which was a little annoying. Also, the language spoken is not English, at least for most of them. I'm not sure what language it was actually.

Full Review:

There is this one movie of a hot young dark haired boy from Eastern Europe and he goes over to his mother in law's house and she serves him his very own birthday cake. He blows the candles out and then they talk in some other language besides English for about 6 minutes and then she get up to make dessert coffee. She sprays whipped cream on top and as she stands up he checks her out and takes a look at her ass. They laugh over their coffee and he keeps looking at her and then they show a closeup of her face and around 8 minutes into the movie, the old mom is on the floor on her knees and she sprays whipped cream on his young cock and she sucks him off good. He is totally shaved, and she licks his balls and uses her hand to jerk him off, too. She isn't that good of a dick sucker, that's for sure. She then lets him fuck her old pussy and then he cums all over her face, getting jizz all over her eyes and hair.

Another movie that I watched involved a hot mother in law and her daughter and the sexy son in law. It all happens in the living room on the couch. The mom in law walks into her son in law's house and finds his wallet on the coffee table. She goes through his wallet and finds a picture of his lover who he is having an affair with in it! She uses it as blackmail and she makes him fuck her in all sorts of ways. It is kind of annoying with the streaming movie. It keeps pausing to load. Again, she is speaking in another language, so I'm not sure what she is saying. The picture she finds is of his hot blonde slut girlfriend, so she waits on the couch tapping her foot waiting for the son in law to get home. You can hear him enter the house and she greets him and smiles. She confronts him and he tries to deny it and she goes to call his wife to tell her.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, I think that the quality of the movies is excelllent, but I think that subtitles would be handy! The moms are not hot really, but they obviously do it for these young sons in law! If you are a fan of young guys who fuck older chicks, I think you will really enjoy this site. The guys are good looking at least. Most of the movies start off with some sort of talking and then lead into the porn scenes.

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