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Monster Dongs is the site where you will find all kinds of videos of sluts taking larger than average dicks up their cunts.

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The content is non exclusive, as you will find the same content on another site in the network, Big Cocks. The girls take on large dildos, but you will not find any 12 inch schlongs on this site. They also give you access to a shitload of bonus sites, which is pretty much the main reason to join up to this one.

Full Review:

There are many hot chicks, and they are taking large dildos and cocks into their tight cunts. Some even take it in both holes at the same fucking time. One dildo in a pussy and the other in her tight little asshole. Now one of the chicks in the tour was getting fucked by a large wooden stick with a dildo wrapped around it. I don't know about you, but I think that shit would hurt! It doesn't seem to bother her, however, except for the fact that it makes her super horny. THere are plenty of other horny chicks, some covered in food and silly string while getting poked between the legs with a large dong. There are several threesomes, too. I saw one video of a horny blonde babe in her twenties sucking a dildo while one guy fucked her pussy with a dildo and sucked her titty at the same time, while another dude squeezes her other boob and jacks his cock off. There are some really interesting scenes, that is for sure. Especially because you get a great mix of horny chicks with large dildos. I even saw a naughty slut swallow two dildos! At the same fucking time, too!

Candy Cotton is a hot blonde babe with perky fake tits and a nice little booty. She has sexy long legs, too. She starts off the scene sucking off two guys with very large ocks. She then tells them that she wants to get her pussy stuffd with long sticks of salami! They put one in her pussy and the other in her asshole and fuck the shit out of the horny slut. After that, she begs for them to stuff other interesting objects into her cunt, including pencils, a bat, and even a dill! I think she even gets a broom stuffed in her pussy at some point! They fuck her with all kinds of objects, making her scream and moan with each insertion.

Autumn Haze is a sexy tanned babe with small natural titties that sag. She has this huge blow glass dildo that she loves to stuff into her pussy and get off on. The horny babe even takes it in the ass. I have no clue how a chick can take on such a large object, but Autumn does it and she does it well. They lube up her cunt really good and then slowly stuff the crystal toy into her slit. She even sucks one of the guy's dicks while she has another guy fuck her with the large dildo in the ass while she plays with her swollen pussy.

Pictures: There really are not very many digital stills, which are the high res pics that you most likely enjoy looking at. Any of the pics on the site, and even throughout the network are mainly screen captures from the movies. The pictures that are on the site, however, do give an excellent preview of what you will see in the movies.

Movies: I really enjoyed the movies of the chicks taking large dongs into their pussies and assholes. There are all kinds of interesting sex toys that they use, including household items like broomsticks and mops, all just to get off and have an intense orgasm.

Bottom Line:

Monster Dongs is a decent site to join if you don't mind that the content is shared on this site and another one in the same network. The main part I would say to join is because of the huge network of bonus sites that you gain access to. That alone makes it worth joining. The price is low to join, too, and you can always cancel if you decide you don't like it.

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