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Damn, now I am scared to even go to church without having someone look up my skirt! This is a very controversial site that shows pics of chicks sitting at the pews in church with panties on, and some are not even wearing panties! You can see right up those short skirts and see all the goods. If you are a voyeur, you will really enjoy this site. It is very naughty, and you will definitely start wondering about the ladies at YOUR church after checking out this site. There are even some pictures of the ladies in the choir, and you can see right up their robes and see their bras, or their tits with no bras! Its crazy, you would never imagine the women in church in this way or maybe you have. Here is your chance to check out some of those sweet innocent ladies who you would never get to have a glimpse at otherwise! See what they are hiding under those Sunday Dresses!

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Church Upskirts

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The site is easy to navigate. It is mostly vertical navigation. This site actually opens up your membership to the LightspeedGirls members area hub. It shows the membership info at the top, and a Site List in the middle of the page. You actually get access to several sites, including Church Upskirts, Upskirt Sniper, Cum Filled Panties, and LS University. You also could have access to many more such as Tawnee Stone, or Jordan Capri, or even XXX Raimi, but you need to renew or upgrade your membership first. At the very bottom of the page, you have several links to Guest Sites.

Full Review:

Features:There are many additional features, and you can check out the Lightspeed Super Store, where you can buy all kinds of the Lightspeed Media DVDs. There are even sex toys, videos on demand, Live Chat, and videos of just the LS girls such as Jordan Capri, Raimi, and Tawnee Stone. There are some cool extras such as a chat board, Lightspeed state, movie theater, and some great live girls cams.

Images: The images are great quality but there are some shadows since these are upskirts. Once you are in the members area, you will see a What's New section, displaying links to several of the image updates. There is even a Most Popular section and Upskirts section (updated weekly) that shows all upskirt pics of hot ladies at church. Each gallery consists of about 25 pics of various upskirts. Each image opens up to 640 x 480 in size.

There is a gallery that includes several different women's upskirts. If you like variety, you will love this one. There are girls with pleated skirts and white cotton full back panties (like schoolgirls). You can even see the crease in their ass, as if they have wedgies! You can even see some of the girls' asses practically eating their thongs! Even their fat pussy lips grab hold of the crotch of the panties, and you will be so turned on!

There is also a hot gallery that is not a sneaky upskirt vid, but it is of a bad church girl. The devil must be making her do this! She starts out reading the bible, and this blonde pigtailed slut spreads her legs and starts showing off her ass and white panties, and then starts touching herself and rubbing her little pussy. There is around 100 images of this hottie.

Videos:For videos, each gallery has screen captures, Windows Media clips (sectioned into around 6 clips, but you can also download the full version around 30-40 MB), QuickTime (full movie only), MPEG format (sectioned into around 6 clips), iPod/PSP (full version only, around 30 MB each), and even Mobile 3g2 (around 18 MB, full version only).

There is a video of Devon in which she is wearing a very short skirt, and she is facing a wall, totally oblivious to the fact that she is being caught on film while praying in church! You can see every detail of her panties the creases and even the folds of the sides of the panties, right on her crotch. Her pussy looks really good in the outlines!

Bottom Line:

For the price you pay to get access to this site and all of its content, along with all of the content you gain access to in other bonus sites, this is a win-win situation for sure. You will love this different style of getting girls� pussies and panty shots in a way that will really turn you on. Plus, you get to see galleries of the Lightspeed girls � what more could you ask?

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