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Bone My Wife is a site that showcases hot married women having sex with a pornstar right in front of their husbands. The site has over 90 women who have been fucked right in front of their husbands by some other dude.

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The site sure makes it out that these couples are for real, but it is hard to believe that there are so many husbands out there willing to watch their own wife fucking a pornstar guy.

Full Review:

Most of the scenes feature Dave, a mature pornstar. The naughty wife sluts get to fuck the horny young ladies right in front of the husband. What a concept. But the husbands want to watch - in most cases, they are the ones who urged the wife to come do this! The site is a reality porn site, and they make off that there are real married couples engaging in sexual activity with another guy. Well, the wife is. There are threesomes and just plain ol' girl on guy all while the hubby watches and enjoys. There is a set with this married couple of 2 years. Danny gets to watch his wifey get fucked by this big black pornstar named Weed. Katrina, the wife, sucks his black cock and gets fucked in her pussy at the same time, all while the husband watches. She learns how to properly suck dick and fuck it. In another video, Otto gets to watch his horny redheaded wife get fucked by this guy with a massive cock. She gets fucked doggystyle and she engages in a threesome, right before her hubby's eyes.

Dylan is a bored husband who wants to watch his hot busty housewife get boned and get her fake titties cummed on. He watched the horny slut make out with this guy, and then give him a blowjob. He gets so turned on watching her suck some other guy's dick that he gets a huge boner. Then, he watches with excitement as his wife rides the other guy reverse cowgirl style. He enjoys watching her titties bounce as she rides him like a horse. In the end, the husband gets closer to the horny couple who are fucking and watches as the guy jerks off on her huge fake boobs.

Alicia is a horny housewife who is ready for some new cock. It is hers and her husband's fantasy to have Alicia get fucked by two dudes at once. Well, in this reality video, Alicia the naughty housewife gets exactly that, all while the husband watches up close. He watches as Alicia uses her blowjob skills on one guy. Suddenly, another guy shows up and sticks his hard cock into her juicy little MILF pussy. She even takes a cock in her asshole. Finally, after a really hot threesome, Alicia lies down on the couch and both guys cover her face with their creamy white jizz.

Pictures: I didn't find many pics of the reality site, but there are a few screen capture galleries, which are simply snapshots from the movies. You gain access to a bunch of other network sites, which also have a bunch of pictures. I checked out a gallery of this sexy blonde slut who they shown all kinds of great closeups of the money shot of!

Movies: The movies are hot and full of hot hardcore fucking with hot women. The movies are available streaming or you can download them in MPEG4 or iPod formats. The content is not exclusive - it is shared with other sites in their network, so it is nice that they have so many other sites to check out. You can sort by category, which makes it really nice.

Bottom Line:

Concluding this review, I would recommend this site mainly because of all of the bonus' and extra features you get with your membership. I suggest a trial first, and then either keep it or cancel it based on how much you think you will like it. I give it two thumbs up, regardless of the fact that content is not exclusive. You just get so much of it! The women are very hot and the content is definitely good quality.

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